1. Earplugs protect ears from damage caused by wind, cold weather and other harsh elements. If you spend a lot of time boating, skiing, snowboarding and bicycling, chances are you are putting your ears at risk as cool winds nip at your outer ears and swirl around into your inner ear . You may experience intense pain […]

Hearing loss increases the risk of falls

A growing body of research suggests that hearing loss contributes to falls. For older people, falls are a big fear. As we age, our hearing and balance naturally decline. More than one in four Americans age 65 or older falls every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports. Even if you’re not hurt, a […]

How can medicines affect your hearing?

When medications result in hearing loss, ringing in the ears, or balance disorders, they are known as ototoxic. There are more than 200 prescription and over-the-counter ototoxic medicines on the market. In some instances, the problems caused by these drugs can be reversed when usage is discontinued. Other times, the damage is permanent. Ringing in […]

Tinnitus: between fact and myth

Do you experience ringing or buzzing in the ear? You’re not alone: This irksome sensation—known as “tinnitus”—affects millions of Americans young and old. Luckily, you can manage and treat tinnitus over time. Understand the facts to help you effectively cope with (or prevent) this frustrating issue. Is tinnitus a disease or a symptom? Myth: Tinnitus is […]

seasonal allergies

Allergies are common year-round in Albany; about 20 percent of the population struggles with them. Most people are aware of symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes; nasal congestion; runny nose; sneezing; cough and sore throat. Did you know that another side effect of allergies is hearing loss? Allergies & Ears Allergies are the body’s response […]

Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Work Life

Improved Communication Communication is a large part of most jobs. This means that those with untreated hearing loss are already at a disadvantage. A study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute found that employees with hearing loss struggle most when speaking over the phone or conversing with their coworkers. Using a hearing aid can help improve your […]

The effect of chemicals on your hearing health

Many people are aware of the known causes of hearing loss but don’t comprehend the hazards that commonplace chemicals pose to their hearing. While there are a number of groups of people in danger, those in industries such as textiles, petroleum, automotive, plastics, and metal fabrication have increased exposure. Recognizing what these hazardous chemicals are and what measures you should […]